Clear information

Easy to read phone numbers, company name and brief information on what your company does are good.

Simple images relating to you trade work well such as a photo of your product. This is an instant way of telling the observer what you do.

Next, clear text will identify you along with a telephone number and/or website.

If the design is too cluttered it is difficult to read whilst the vehicle is being driven.

Put useful information on the back

The back of vehicles is viewed for the longest, so it is the best place for more information if needed. It is an ideal place for a QR code or trade accreditations.

Designing your Graphics

So where to start?

Your van graphics could start with a “back of an envelope” idea of what is required or follow the corporate guidelines of an established organisation. 

Design Service


Our team of designers work with you to create your ideal vehicle signage. We can provide you with as much or as little input into the end design that you require.

You don't need to be an expert and an idea can be transformed into a final design with our graphics software. We give advice on what works well and how to improve your design but ultimately you get what you want.

We have templates for all models of vehicles and this is used to provide a visual representation of how the vehicle will look.

We always send you the artwork for approval before we go ahead with printing.

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