Fitting graphics yourself

The graphics are supplied in three layers - a backing sheet which has a waxy inner layer under the lettering, the lettering itself and a carrier sheet (semi see through sticky sheet) on top of the lettering.

Ensure the surface is clean, dust and grease free.

Position graphics as required by measuring and tack in place with short pieces of masking tape.

 Check from a distance that the position looks OK.

Tape along longer edge (top usually) to form a “hinge”.

Once taped in position, graphics can be cut between letters with scissors, to workable sizes.

Fold the graphics back on the hinge created with the masking tape. Remove the backing sheet by slowly rolling it back on itself (starting from the hinge end) revealing the sticky side of the letters, making sure no graphics are left on the backing sheet as you remove the backing paper. If any do stick, re-press backing sheet to adhere lettering to the carrier sheet.

Keeping the graphics held away from the surface, smooth down from the taped edge with a squeegee, working down from the centre until the vinyl is applied smoothly to the surface.

Remove the top carrier sheet, which is best done by pulling it along the surface back on itself instead of away from graphics at 90 degrees.

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We can fit vehicle graphics

We have a dedicated indoor area where we can fit your vehicle graphics in any weather. It is generally completed in one day, so your vehicle isn't out of action for long.


Fitting your own graphics

If it is difficult to get your vehicle to us, or you just want to save money, you can fit the graphics yourself. We can send the graphics to you with a comprehensive set of instructions.

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